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Warmachine: Southern Kriels Fire Tongue Warriors Cadre

Warmachine: Southern Kriels Fire Tongue Warriors Cadre

Normaalihinta €89,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €89,90 EUR
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The greatest among the Bullcroaks of the Shattered Spine Islands are the Fire Tongue Warriors.  Said to be descended from the hero Frawb, who was the first croak to tame fire.  To the eyes of westerners, the Bullcroak way of war appears to be dictated only by tribal savagery, but this is far from true.  They approach combat through a highly ritualized set of tribal laws and cultural taboos.  They seldom seek to eradicate an enemy but instead are out to seek repayment for a wrong or to count coup against a foe.  This is nonetheless marked by bloody and brutal fighting, and those who face off against these Fire Tongue Warriors are not soon to forget the experience.


  • Warlock Warchief Bagadibawm

  • Vorogger (Heavy Warbeast)

  • Fire Guardians (3 Solos)

  • Fugue Walker (Solo)

  • Mawga'Bawza (Solo)

  • Fire Spitters (5-Model Unit)

  • Spirit Shamans (3-Model Unit)

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