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WARMACHINE - Necrofactorium– Cryx Command Starter & Necrofactorium Bundle (PREORDER)

WARMACHINE - Necrofactorium– Cryx Command Starter & Necrofactorium Bundle (PREORDER)

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €92,90 EUR
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With its undead legions and fell mastery of the necromantic arts, the Nightmare Empire of Cryx has long plagued the civilized nations of western Immoren. Held in absolute thrall to the Dragonfather Toruk, Cryx exists to aid its master in his great war against his progeny, the dragons of Caen. To that end, the blasphemous island kingdom will dedicate its every last resource, storm the mainland to drive dragons from their places of hiding, and expend the very souls of every last man, woman, and child dwelling across the Iron Kingdoms to fuel its dark industries and magic. Stirred to rise from its deathly slumber through insidious bargains wrought by the Orgoth, a new terrible power stirs on the edge of the Iron Kingdoms.
The Necrofactorium is the first MK IV army dedicated to Cryx. Representing the industrialized necromancy of the Nightmare Empire, the Necrofactorium gives unlife to Cryx’s teeming legions of thralls and the cruelly industrious necrotechs who create them. The army is led by a combination of iron liches, master necrosurgeons, and their mortal agents that have pledged their very souls to the Dragonfather.


  • 1x Necrofactorium Command Starter
    • 1x Wraitbinder Nekane (Warcaster)
    • 1x Hades (character heavy warjack)
    • 3x The Furies
    • 1x Master Necrotech Chatterbane (Character Solo)
  • 1x Cryx Powder Keg Defenses (included FREE as part of the April 2024 bundle)

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

Ilmoitettu Julkaisupäivä: Kesäkuu/2024

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