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Warmachine: Krueger, Wrath of Blighterghast

Warmachine: Krueger, Wrath of Blighterghast

Normaalihinta €32,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €32,90 EUR
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Kreuger, Wrath of Blightergast

He is the Storm of Fire.

Once, he was a complicated man who fought for what he believed in. Fallen in battle, his mortal remains were claimed by a cult of mad devotees to the sentinel dragon, He Who Watches the West. This former shell was hurled into the heart of a living volcano, into a cauldron of magma intermingled with dragon blood.

But a body, no matter how transfigured by fire and blight, must be guided by a spirit of equal potency. And the soul that once inhabited this shell agreed to pay a price to the great Seether, the Boiler of Seas. As the dragon’s cult carved his mark into the newborn monstrosity they pulled from the magma, its wandering soul was pulled back into the mortal world to reunite body and soul in a glorious and terrible harmony.

He is the bearer of the volcanic plume. He erupts into battle from the veins of the world in a fiery emergence with a sound of thunder and the crackle of cooling lava. Forests burn at his approach. Armies beneath his blazing gaze are the torches that light his way to victory.

He is Kreuger, the Wrath of Blighterghast.


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