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Paint Set - Special Effects Vol. 2

Paint Set - Special Effects Vol. 2

Normaalihinta €34,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €34,90 EUR
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Selection of products for creating special effects on your models and dioramas. With these model paints, you will be able to achieve very diverse effects. These acrylic paints are specially designed for modeling and painting miniatures, they will allow you to add a level of realism and detail to your projects that can make them truly stand out. Some of them come with a stainless steel mixing ball to ensure even consistency. Shake well before use.

These are essential tools for scale modelers and diorama enthusiasts, allowing them to add depth, detail, and captivating visual effects to their creations, ultimately enhancing the overall storytelling and aesthetic impact of their projects.

Contains 8 x 17ml.

1x Ork Blood
1x Ultraviolet Resin
1x Liquid Frost
1x Desert Earth
1x Black Soot
1x Prince Tau Blood
1x Demon Blood
1x Maxx Darth Black Paint

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