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One Piece Card Game -Monkey.D.Luffy- ST08 Starter Deck

One Piece Card Game -Monkey.D.Luffy- ST08 Starter Deck

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It s Not Too Late! Great Deck for New & Experienced Players!

Add to your card pool with black cards, first released in ST-05, and yellow cards, first released in ST-07!

Have more scope for deckbuilding with enough black or yellow cards to rival the other colors!

This is the perfect way for new players to get started, and a great chance for experienced players to strengthen their deck!

Card List
• Monkey.D.Luffy (Leader)
• Uta
• Gaimon
• Koby
• Shanks
• Shirahoshi
• Nefeltari Vivi
• Higuma
• Makino
• Monkey.D.Garp
• Monkey.D.Luffy (Character)
• Laboon
• Mr.2.Bon.Kurei(Bentham)
• Gum-Gum Bell
• Gum-Gum-Pistol

1 Constructed Deck (51 cards)
10 DON! Cards
1 Play Sheet
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