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Major Anson Wolfe - Cygnar Warcaster

Major Anson Wolfe - Cygnar Warcaster

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Normaalihinta €16,50 EUR Alennushinta €16,50 EUR
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Ilmoitettu julkaisupäivä: 30.11.2022

An unsung hero of countless border wars and skirmishes, Captain Anson Wolfe has long served as the senior warcaster at the formidable fortress of Eastwall. In addition to his many battles with Cygnar's Menite neighbors, he also saw action in the Llaelese War against Khador and more recently against the servants of the infernals when his old friend and former commander Archduke Alain Runewood betrayed his oaths, his nation, and debased his immortal soul in the service of the demonic fiends. Unable to reconcile his inner turmoil, Wolfe throws himself into every battle, losing himself-at least briefly-in the bloodthirst of the moment.


  • 1x Major Anson Wolfe - Cygnar Warcaster Miniature
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