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Wizards of the Coast

Magic - Ravnica Remastered Collector Booster

Magic - Ravnica Remastered Collector Booster

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Ravnica Remastered takes your players back to Ravnica, featuring cards from each Ravnica block that celebrate the plane's incredible history. Encourage your most dedicated Ravnica fans to come to your store so everyone can represent their favorite guild.

With Collector Boosters, your players get direct access to the coolest cards from the set, with each booster packed with special treatments. A full display of Collector Boosters helps players strategize in style.


- 15 Magic: The Gathering cards
- 4-5 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
- 3-7 Uncommon cards
- 4-8 Common cards
- 1 Full-Art Land
- 11 Traditional Foil cards in every pack
- 1 Traditional Foil double-sided token
Ilmoitettu julkaisupäivä 12.01.2024
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