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Dusk House Kallyss Army Expansion

Dusk House Kallyss Army Expansion

Normaalihinta €134,95 EUR
Normaalihinta €134,95 EUR Alennushinta €134,95 EUR
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As war once again descends upon the Iron Kingdoms, those who have lived in the shadows and on the fringes—the elves of the land—are prepared to choose a side: their own. Take your battles to the next level with the House Kallyss Army Expansion. Change up your tactics with the new warcaster and unlock new arcane capabilities with the character solo. The support solo and three new units, including the large-based Dreadguard Cavalry—dark eldritch warriors riding fearsome manticores—add enough options to your Core Army Starter to field 75 and 100 point armies. (Note: 100-point games require three warjacks in a force, not included in this expansion.)


  • Tyrrus, Nis-Arsyr of Spiders
  • Soulless Blademasters x5
  • Dreadguard Archers x3
  • Dreadguard Cavalry x3
  • Dreadguard Scyir (male)
  • Dysiss, the Eye of Darkness (Sythiss character)
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