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Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3 mm

Dual-action GSW Airbrush 0.3 mm

Normaalihinta €34,90 EUR
Normaalihinta €34,90 EUR Alennushinta €34,90 EUR
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Dual-action Airbrush 0.3mm

This airbrush is made of high-quality precision components that enable it to work efficiently while providing exceptional accurate spray control. Very sturdy and comfortable to use.

Technical data:
Tapered gravity feed cup
0.3mm needle/nozzle
Type: Double-action
Control valve for adjusting the air pressure during spraying
Cup Capacity: 7cc
Colour: Silver and Green

Package includes:
1 x Airbrush
1 x Eye Dropper
1 x Nozzle Wrench
1 x Hose Connector 1/8"

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