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Deepborn Dire Troll

Deepborn Dire Troll

Normaalihinta €49,90 EUR
Normaalihinta €49,90 EUR Alennushinta €49,90 EUR
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Deepborn Dire Troll—Brineblood Marauders Heavy Warbeast

Requires eight 1/8" and eight 3/16" disc magnets, not included.

The Deepborn dire troll is a marvel of troll adaptability. Native to the deep waters off Alchiere, these savage beasts are amphibious, having long ago developed gills and other undersea adaptations. These alterations to the Deepborn’s physiology occur so rapidly in the species that one dire troll could look quite different that another that’s not of their close bloodline. These changes seem to emerge based upon the troll’s feeding habits over time, with the trolls borrowing traits from their favorite prey. These blubbery monstrosities spend most of their time hunting in the ocean’s depths, though they are sometimes known to swim up the Verboten River to terrorize the lands around the great Brackish Lake. It was here they first encountered the trollkin outlaws and pirates who came to be known as the Brineblood Marauders. The ferocious dire trolls were soon pressed into service alongside the reef trolls that they have traditionally fed upon off Alchiere’s shores.

Includes: Body plus three head options, four back accessory options and six weapon options with pre-formed sockets for ease of adding magnets to facilitate customization. Magnets are NOT included with this model kit and must be purchased separately.

  • Possesses the Amphibious, Regeneration, and Snacking special rules.
  • The Deepborn has four hardpoints, including its head, fins, and arms. Its head selection grants it an attack and determines its animi. Its fins determine its role and age of experience. Its arms can be loaded with an assortment of rough weapons harvested from the sea, including a Shark Skull Gauntlet, Squid Blaster, ship’s Anchor, and more.
  • Its animus options include Floodwaters, Rage, and Recoil.

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