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Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 0 - BLACK FIRM

Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 0 - BLACK FIRM

Normaalihinta €15,80 EUR
Normaalihinta €15,80 EUR Alennushinta €15,80 EUR
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Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

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Silicone Brushes – Colour Shapers BLACK are excellent tools to sculpt and add incredible effects when modeling and sculpting with different putties, clays and fimo. They are somewhere between a brush, a palette knife, a modelling tool and your fingers. Easy-to-clean and long lasting. Non absorbent.

This is the firm version of the black silicone brushes. They would be twice as hard as normal white brushes, and half than extra firm.

This set is coming with 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 6mm length by 3 mm width - SIZE #0

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