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3D printed set - Chunky Mushrooms

3D printed set - Chunky Mushrooms

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta €4,95 EUR
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A 3D-printed set of mushrooms made from high-quality ABS-like resin offers a delightful addition to your dioramas and scenery projects. These mushrooms are thoughtfully designed to closely imitate real species found in the forest, adding a touch of natural beauty to your displays. With a diverse range of shapes and sizes available which can cater to various needs and scales, making them suitable for a wide array of creative applications. Whether you're crafting a magical woodland scene or a realistic nature diorama, these resin bits can enhance the visual appeal and storytelling of your projects. Their high-quality resin material ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy them for a long time. These Warhammer bits are perfect for adding an enchanting and authentic touch to your miniature worlds.

This product comes unpainted and is perfect for 25-28-35-54 mm (1:48 - 1:35) miniatures.

Contains: x22 pieces

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