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Warhammer: The Old World: Forces of Fantasy

Warhammer: The Old World: Forces of Fantasy

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Warhammer: The Old World - centuries before the events of the End Times and large scale battles were waged. Forces of good and evil collide as they battle for surpremecy, armoured knights on warhorses charging the frontlines to undead casting and weaving powerful sorceries.

The Old World is a tactical tabletop game where players use strategy and units of various armies in clashes on a large scale where precise movement and positioning can result in victory or defeat.

Encompassing all that is good withing the World of Legend this book has all the army lists for those who fight agains the forces of evil including: the Dwarfen Mountain Holds, the Empire of Man, the Kingdom of Bretonnia, the Wood Elf Realms, and the High Elf Realms. Each profile with a slew of information such as special rules, unique abilities, spells, magic items and more.


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