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Rubber Steel Sheet - Self Adhesive

Rubber Steel Sheet - Self Adhesive

Normaalihinta €4,50 EUR
Normaalihinta €4,50 EUR Alennushinta €4,50 EUR
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Rubber Steel sheet - SELF ADHESIVE in A4 size.

Rubber Steel sheets are impregnated with iron to allow magnets to stick to them while remaining flexible and hardwearing. Simply cut the self-adhesive sheet to size and affix it to your painted movement tray to allow miniatures with magnetic bases to stick to it. They come in handy for many craft applications, especially in wargaming where they can be used to make your own magnetic movement trays and display bases, providing far easier movement of troops around the battlefield. The colour of the sheet is quite attractive for any movement tray. 

This set includes 1 x rubber steel sheet 0.9 mm - A4 size

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