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Ork Runes and Symbols

Ork Runes and Symbols

Normaalihinta €6,40 EUR
Normaalihinta €6,40 EUR Alennushinta €6,40 EUR
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Ork Runes and Symbols

Collection of 300 ork themed runes, symbols and signs made of brass. There are 12 different types to choose from, separated in different compartments. They are perfect for adding details to armour, weapons and banners of your models and miniatures or for decorating dioramas. We recommend using cyanocrylate glue in small quantities.

Approximate thickness of characters: 0.26mm
Size: 2-4mm
Quantity: 300 characters (25 units of each character)

NOTICE: Due to the small thickness and size of the pieces, some could come out of the separator disk, or change compartment.

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