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Teen Titans

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Originally formed from a group of young sidekicks trying to escape the shadow of their illustrious mentors, the Teen Titans are now a diverse crew of heroes, who work together as a well-oiled team and an extended family.

Bat-Boxes are the ultimate way to jump into the action of the Batman Miniature Game! Each box contains a complete Crew and all the cards you need to play. In addition, in each Bat Box, you will find a unique Objective for your Crew and a brand new scenario. If you're new to the Batman Miniature Game, you'll find a set of Quickstart Rules in each box, so you can start playing right away!

The Teen Titans box contains,

  • 10x High-Quality Resin Miniatures
    • 1x Robin
    • 1x Raven
    • 1x Starfire
    • 1x Wonder Girl
    • 1x Beast Boy - Human Form
    • 1x Beast Boy - Hawk Form
    • 1x Beast Boy - Gorilla Form
    • 1x Beast Boy - Tiger Form
    • 1x Hawk
    • 1x Dove
  • 1x High Quality Resin Objective Marker (Trigon Portal)
  • 11x Plastic Bases
  • 7x BMG Character Cards
  • 3x Upgrade Cards
  • 4x Equipment Cards
  • 2x Strategy Card
  • 1x Quickstart Rules
  • 1x Rules and Scenario