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Spider Serum Cleaner

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Saatavilla toimittajalta

The Spider Serum Cleaner will help you to eliminate any possible  remain of spider web plastic filament. Use it immediately after Spider  Serum to help to remove any remain. After several cleanings, needle and  nozzle may need a manual cleaning.
The cleaner Serum is a mixture  of solvents suitable for airbrush, which will allow you to do a deep  cleaning of your airbrush in general, and also to remove any possible  residual plastic filament of the spider webs. Also, it will work as a  thinner for your Spider Serum.
Use immediately after the Spider  Serum to eliminate any remaining. In addition, it is perfect to make a  thoroughly cleaning of your airbrush, although if it is used in excess,  it may slightly damage its rubber components.