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Spider Serum 17ml

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With Spider Serum you will able to create a web of tangled plastic  filaments which will recreate a very realistic spider web and aging  effect to your sceneries, diorama and models.
For airbrush use only.
CONTENT: This offer includes a bottle of Spider Serum 17ml
APPLICATIONS: Shake well before using to ensure proper mixing. Use it directly from  the bottle to the airbrush, do not use any thinners or diluents, since  they could affect the resulting product. We recommend using low powers  of airbrush to throw the product, 1.5-2Bars, Airbrushes of 0.3 or  higher, and a distance to the model of about 30 cm, since too much power  or too close could drag previous spider webs.
We recommend  performing any test before applying on the final model, which will allow  you to control the intensity with which the spider webs are thrown and  thus, adjust the power, and the distance. The sprayed area will be  covered with spider webs.
CLEANING AND CARE: Clean your airbrush immediately after each use, we recommend use our special Spider Serum Cleaner.
RESISTANCE AND DURABILITY: Spiderwebs are as hard as a tissue paper, especially 1-2 days after  when the material is totally settled down. It will last in your gaming  pieces forever unless you don't go through them with your thumb,  although doing this will also probably break other parts of the  miniature.
SECURITY: Flammable Liquids and  Vapours similar to many of the commercial Thinners used for airbrush.  Not recommended for children under 12 yrs. It should not be used by  children without adult supervision. Read warning indications on the  label.