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Shrine of the Lawgiver

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The Exemplar shrine is much more than a simple place of worship. Within its walls, individual Exemplar knights hold vigil to reaffirm their oaths of brotherhood and service to the Creator of Man. Within the foundation of every shrine are stones recovered from ancient ruins unearthed near Icthier, the first city built in Menoth’s name. Within the basilica is a reliquary holding the remains of an Exemplar hero, still wearing the armor of the order and with a relic blade close at hand, an inspiration to all who meditate within. Every sworn Exemplar stands ready to take up arms and join battle at a moment’s notice, should such a shrine be threatened. Divine scripture encircles its central chamber; these verses of faith and fury act as a guide to the brotherhood that holds the shrine to be sacred. So holy are these structures that enemies of the faith find themselves undone in the presence of an Exemplar shrine, their unworthy flesh consumed by manifested divine wrath.