Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2

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You probably remember Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition, the one-and-done, now-or-never, WPN-exclusive Secret Lair drop of fetch lands from last year.

Now, Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 is available in Spring 2021. Like the original Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition, every WPN member will have an allocation of this WPN-exclusive drop.

This drop contains 10 foil full-art Pathway lands, featuring 20 pieces of exclusive «plane swapped» art - lands previously only seen on Zendikar will be depicted on the new plane of Kaldheim and lands you’ll see in Kaldheim will be depicted on Zendikar.

* 10 borderless foil double-faced Pathway land cards
* Exclusive "plane swapped" art lands
* 5 plastic card holders

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