Riot Quest: Guard - Bumbles

Riot Quest: Guard - Bumbles

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There once was a bear named Bumbles. He loved to play, frolic, and tumble. He'd find new friends and protect their rear ends, without a single grumble. Bumble's friends were the best. They armored his head, hands, and chest. When it was time to "play," Bumbles would slay to appease his friends' request. When all their food was gone, Bumbles stopped following along. He wandered through snow, finding new friends to know, and with them he'd belong. Yes, there once was bear named Bumbles. He loved to play, frolic, and...

Bumbles is an adorable Guard Class Hero that is perhaps the sturdiest and most protective Guard in all of Riot Quest. Thanks to his "Awww" ability, enemies cannot roll more than one Action Die when attacking Bumbles or his nearby allies. With strong Defensive stats, a high Stamina, and the Snacking ability to regain health, Bumbles can be a real bear to remove from the Arena.

This model is also playable in Warmachine/Hordes as a Trollblood solo.

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