Portable Airbrush Compressor

Portable Airbrush Compressor

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Portable Airbrush Compressor

GSW's battery-powered Airbrush Compressor built in a solid robust body of aluminium and shaped ergonomically for maximum comfort. Specially designed for surface priming, zenithal highlights, large surface painting, painting scenery, varnishes, dipping, and colour filters with ink among others. It's not recommended for precision painting.

It provides enough power and airflow to efficiently airbrush minis and figures anywhere with minimal noise (only 20dB), whether it's for a quiet outdoor painting session or for a tournament or gaming convention. Weighing a mere 260gr with a diametre of 45mm and a height of 100mm, you can carry it with you in your pocket.

The portable compressor can exert airflow at full power continuously for 30-45 minutes, without ever switching off, after only one hour of USB charge. However we recommend to turn off the device when not in use to greatly increase worktime and make the most of the battery power. Do not use the compressor while the battery is charging, it may damage the battery.

Includes special adapters which permit use of double-action airbrushes. Without these, double-action airbrushes would lose their function. Pressure regulators aren't included, so regulating pressure levels is done from the airbrush.

The Portable Airbrush Compressor can be used for airbrush guns with nozzle sizes of 0.2mm to 1mm.


1x Portable Airbrush Compressor
2x Adapters for connecting directly to airbrush or airbrush hose
1x USB charging cable


Input Power: 110-220V/50/60HZ
Output Power: 8.4V
Net weight: 260gr.
Dimensions: 45mm diameter and 100mm height
Adapter dimensions: One side size is 7x0.5mm
Another side size is 9.35xE28 screw pitch (1/8')
Polymer lithium battery: 700AMH
Charging time: 1 hour
Continuous working time: 0.5 hours
Maximum pressure. 17.4 PSI
Airflow: 7-7.5L/min.
Noise level: 20dB
Work pressure: 8-9 PSI


- Always work with airbrush paint or with normal paints diluted with at least 50% with thinner.
- Turn off the compressor when it is not being used.
- Do not use while charging.
- During the cleaning process, it is recommended to manually clean the airbrush through the cup as much as possible with the compressor turned off. This will avoid the compressor from shooting out the paint residue inside.
- When working with low pressure, check that the tip of the airbrush does not retain dry paint.
- To facilitate the maintenance of the airbrush, do not leave traces of paint to dry inside the bowl, and use an airbrush cleaner between colors so that the air flow is not affected by traces of paint

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