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Njal Stormcaller in Terminator Armour

Njal Stormcaller in Terminator Armour

Normaalihinta €20,50 EUR
Normaalihinta €20,50 EUR Alennushinta €20,50 EUR
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Saatavilla toimittajalta

Njal Stormcaller can bend the savage elements to his will. He is clad in terminator armour and armed with the Staff of the Stormcaller and accompanied by his psyber-familiar, Nightwing. The skies are his to command, and he takes fierce delight in summoning ice-toothed blizzards and howling gales with which to scatter and destroy those who stand in his path.

This pack contains Njal Stormcaller in terminator armour - a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in three components and is supplied with a 40mm round base.

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