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Nighthaunt + Paint Set

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The Glaivewraith Stalkers are a set of 4 sinister, drifting gheists,  each little more than a tattered shroud, a pair of arms and a leering  animal skull. The vertebrae of their undead spines poke through their  cowls, giving them at least some corporeal shape – however, from the  correct angles you can see into the shroud, and clearly observe the  negative space where the rest of their bodies should be. Each carries a  2-handed hunter’s glaive, the haft and blade worn through countless  years of use, and 1 Glaivewraith can be assembled as a deathbeat drummer  holding a drum under his left arm, beating it with the mallet held in  his right. They come as 17 components, and are supplied with 4 32mm  sculpted round bases – these depict a graveyard scene, with the  Glaivewraiths attached via a mist of ethereal vapour. You’ll also receive a starter brush, perfect for painting the Glaivewraiths, and 6 12ml pots of Citadel paint: Celestra Grey Incubi Darkness Leadbelcher Rhinox Hide Nighthaunt Gloom Reikland Fleshshade