Neigh Slayer Warhorse

Neigh Slayer Warhorse

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The childish imagination of the neigh slayers takes on a tangible and deadly form. In their minds, they ride not toys but terrifying warhorses. They delight in carnage, giggling at the corpses they leave behind, for the slain seem less real to them than the imagined steeds they ride. The gremlin with the greatest imagination leads a pack from his rocking horse, accompanied by shield and lance bearers. He capriciously dictates to other neigh slayers the ever-changing rules of his favorite games, leaving their victims lit afire or bleeding from mortal wounds.

TRADE POINTS: An attachment for Neigh Slayers (PIP 76018), the Warhorse dials up their murderous play. Neigh Slayers are already extremely vicious attackers, so the Warhorse adds a variety of rules that allow them to alter their battlefield role on the fly. The Warhorse is an excellent addition to any warlock that wants to feature Neigh Slayers, like the King of Nothing (PIP 76001) or the Heretic (PIP 76004).

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