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Mercenary Minion - Orin Midwinter

Mercenary Minion - Orin Midwinter

Normaalihinta €7,35 EUR
Normaalihinta €12,20 EUR Myyntihinta €7,35 EUR
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Once a senior member of Cygnars infamous Inquisition, Orin Midwinter has come out of hiding to reclaim his place of power as the noose closes around the country that hunted him. Specialized in hunting spell-casters, Midwinter uses his arcane energy to draw power from enemy wizards, suppress their magic, or simply strike them down with arcs of lightning.

Orin Midwinter comes in a blister. A player may field one Orin Midwinter in his army. Orin Midwinter will not work for Cygnar.
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