Malifaux: Crossroads (2014) 2E

Malifaux: Crossroads (2014) 2E

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Crossroads is the newest addition to the Malifaux universe. This book contains rules for nearly two hundred models which have been updated to second edition or added to the line. It also contains a massive amount of new stories further exploring the characters of Malifaux and the roles they play in the lore. Everyone who enjoys Malifaux will find something they love about this book!

It clocks in at 320 pages and includes rules for all crews which have not yet been updated to second edition, along with a few new ones. Each chapter is divided up by faction containing a series of short stories, one for every Master in the faction. In this way, every master in the book gets some face time and none are left sitting on the bench! Finally, every story has a special scenario tied to it, allowing you to relive the trials and tribulations of some of your favorite characters.


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