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Magic - Bloomburrow Collector Booster Display (PreOrder)

Magic - Bloomburrow Collector Booster Display (PreOrder)

Normaalihinta €299,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €299,90 EUR
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In Bloomburrow, the Valley is threatened by elemental forces raging out of control, and salvation falls on the shoulders of its smallest protectors. Players will put their best paws forward, fighting alongside mice, frogs, bats, birds, and myriad other critters to restore the balance of peace—and prove bravery comes in all sizes.

Collector Boosters are the place for your players to uncover the best finds in the Valley! Known as the shortcut to the coolest cards in the set, each Collector Booster is packed with foils and special treatments that are sure to add flair to any player's collection. A full display of Collector Boosters helps players strategize in style.

12 Bloomburrow Collector Boosters; each booster contains:
15 Magic: The Gathering cards
12-13 Traditional Foil cards
5 cards rarity Rare or higher
4 Uncommon cards
5 Common cards
1 Land card
Collector Booster-exclusive special treatment in 3% of boosters

Ilmoitettu julkaisupäivä 02/08/2024
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