House Ellowuyr Wardens - Retribution of Scyrah

House Ellowuyr Wardens - Retribution of Scyrah

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The Wardens of House Ellowuyr are the elite shock troops of a house renowned for its martial prowess. Initiate Wardens are handpicked at a young age, spending the entirety of their adolescent year's training to wield the arms and armour of the Warden discipline. Not only must every initiate master the heavy voulge, but they must also fight with the same elegance and fluidity as their swordsmen brethren while encased in massive suits of augmented armour. The enemies of the Retribution stare, slack-jawed, as the Wardens carve paths through their ranks, protected by suits of armour that simply should not be able to move that fast or kill with such ease.

House Ellowuyr Wardens are an elite medium-based infantry unit capable of cleaving through multiple infantry models with a single combat action or damaging harder targets such as warjacks and warbeasts. With their ability to ignore enemy-free strikes, they are a difficult unit to pin down, allowing them to move farther and farther into enemy ranks while their sturdy armour protects them. They pair very well with warcasters that further amplify their melee strengths, such as Thyron, Sword of Truth (PIP 35064) or Falcir, The Merciless (PIP 35093).


  • 5x Wardens

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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