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Getting Started With Age Of Sigmar (Eng)

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Contained in the 104-page magazine: - An introduction to the Age of Sigmar, a time of mighty battles and unending war; - A guide to the armies you can collect and play with in Warhammer Age  of Sigmar, showing you their motivations and introducing their  histories; - Guidance on collecting Citadel miniatures – while you can simply pick  up any that catch your eye, for many the hobby is about specific armies  or types of miniature. This guide includes three example collections for  inspiration (Stormcast Eternals, Nighthaunt and Nurgle), with a further  showcase of beautifully-painted miniatures from a variety of armies; - An overview of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar tabletop game, where armies  clash amidst fantastical battlefields, and generals use every tactic at  their command to achieve victory. This describes the 3 main ways to  play – Open, Narrative, and Matched Play games; - A detailed Battle Report – watch as the heroic Stormcast Eternals take  on the Nighthaunt in a tense fight to the end – you’ll pick up tips on  how to play; - Descriptions of the 8 Mortal Realms, wondrous and magical planes of  reality. Includes an informative map and details of key cities and  strongholds; - An introduction to painting Citadel miniatures using the Citadel Paint  System, with a guide to paints, brushes and step-by-step instructions  showing how to paint a variety of models – including your free  Knight-Incantor!