Feldherr MAXI PLUS bag for tanks/monsters and 75 miniatures

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So that your artillery remains rolling and your infantry miniatures stay unharmed, Feldherr offers you this MAXI PLUS bag with matching foam for tanks, vehicles or monsters, and up to 75 medium-sized miniatures on bases up to 40 mm. The fine-pored foam provides reliable protection against damage – fragile parts stay intact, the color of painted models remains unharmed.

The set contains:

  • 1 Feldherr MAXI PLUS bag
  • 1 Pick and Pluck foam tray with self-adhesive base for tanks/monsters
  • 3 Full-Size foam trays with 25 compartments each for miniatures
  • 1 foam base, 10 mm
  • 1 matching foam topper

The Pick and Pluck foam tray is perforated with a 14 mm x 14 mm raster. In order to configure it according to the shape of your tank or monster, simply remove the respective foam segments and attach the foam base to it. That's it!

The three Full-Size foam trays are ideally suited for miniatures on larger bases up to 40 mm. Expansive models on 32 mm bases fit very well.

  • Each of the 25 compartments of each of the three trays is 54 mm long x 41 mm wide x 40 mm deep.

Of course, the trays fit exactly into the stable MAXI PLUS bag. The bag is made of particularly hard-wearing fabric. Padded side panels and a reinforced base additionally ensure that the contents are optimally protected from external influences even when transported by car or train. Next to the large main compartment, the bag has a smaller pocket with a zipper at the front. Game sheets, books and writing material can be stored here.

Dimensions of the MAXI PLUS bag:

  • Internal dimensions: approx. 345 mm x 275 mm x 210 mm
  • External dimensions: approx. 390 mm x 330 mm x 220 mm

The matching foam topper completes the set. Just place it on the upper tray to make sure that nothing falls out during transport.

  • high-quality, fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
  • chlorine and acid-free
  • CFC-free