Falcir, The Merciless

Falcir, The Merciless

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Falcir, The Merciless is a Retribution warcaster that brings a new style of gameplay both to Retribution and to WARMACHINE as a whole. Falcir herself is a melee powerhouse, best suited to fighting single hardier targets (such as Colossals or Gargantuans) on her own instead of wading into units of enemies She relies of her army to deal with the “chaff” of the opposing force but aids them not only through her spells but also with her unique bounty mechanic. At various points throughout the game, Falcir can place bounty tokens on enemy models and units, which can be spent by her army to provide a wide variety of effects, such as reducing an enemy unit’s accuracy or speed or increasing the damage dealt to the enemy by friendly Faction models. This bounty mechanic requires players to plan ahead, knowing not only which models/units need to have tokens placed on them but also to what effect they intend to use them later.

Falcir is a brutal caster, meant to dictate the tempo of the battle through her powerful Bounty effects, and then win either through sheer attrition or by delivering herself into the enemy 'caster for an assassination. Her spell list is completely comprised of pure offence, while her bounty affects provide a mix of control and army-wide offensive buffs.

Please Note:

  • One Falcir, The Merciless miniature supplied.
  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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