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Privateer Press

Destructotron 3000

Destructotron 3000

Normaalihinta €18,56 EUR
Normaalihinta €24,95 EUR Myyntihinta €18,56 EUR
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Tired of trying to best your rivals with wit and guile? Then say hello to Destructotron 3000, the most straightforward solution to incinerating the smug looks off your enemies’ faces that money can buy. You’ll love him 3000!

Destructotron 3000 is a Gunner class Hero that specializes in melting faces. There is nothing fancy or tricky to this Hero—it’s a straightforward damage dealer. Destructotron deals the most damage when shooting at adjacent enemies, thanks to Point Blank and Disintegration abilities, which both trigger when they are right next to their target. Players looking to add a ranged DPS all-star to their Riot Quest Crew are definitely going to want to take a look at Destructotron 3000.
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