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Bane: Venom Overdrive

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Venom is an incredibly addictive compound that had been created to massively enhance the user's physical strength, Bane is a regular user of this super-steroid and in this Bat-Box you will receive Bane in overdrive, the strongest version of himself.

In this kit "The Man Who Broke the Bat" teams up with his goon squad and creates an almost unstoppable force, Batman won't know what hit him.

Bane: Venom Overdrive Bat-Box includes:

  • 6x Resin Miniatures,
    • 1x Bane
    • 1x Sharp Shooter
    • 1x Support OP
    • 1x Elite OP
    • 1x Stealth OP
    • 1x Dreadnought OP
  • 1x High-Quality Resin Objective Marker
  • 6x 30mm Plastic Bases
  • 1x 40mm Plastic Base
  • 6x BMG Character Cards
  • 16x Equipment Cards
  • 1x Strategy Card
  • 1x Quickstart Rules
  • 1x Rules and Scenario