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Age Of Sigmar: Tempest Of Souls

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32 push-fit miniatures, which can be assembled without glue and are even supplied on pre-coloured plastic:
Stormcast Eternals The glorious forces of Sigmar, pure and unbowed warriors dedicated to  scouring the Mortal Realms of Chaos, Destruction and Death. Each of the  12 Stormcast Eternals miniatures in the box is an Easy to Build push-fit  model, supplied on gold plastic sprues and requiring no glue to  assemble: - A Knight-Incantor – a glorious and powerful wizardly leader carrying an incantor’s staff along with a voidstorm scroll - 2 Evocators – shock-troops who blaze with celestial lightning, armed with tempest blades and stormstaves; - 3 Castigators – support troops who lay down withering ranged attacks with their thunderhead greatbows; - 5 Sequitors – frontline infantry who bring the fight to the fore with stormsmite mauls and soulshields; - A Celestar Ballista – an enormous heavy bolt thrower, serviced by 2  Sacristan Engineers who defend their war machine with sigmarite blades.
Nighthaunt Nagash’s seemingly-endless hordes of risen undead, bitter and lethal  toward all who still possess the gift of life. Each of the 20 Nighthaunt  miniatures in the box is an Easy to Build push-fit model, supplied on  turquoise plastic sprues and requiring no glue to assemble: - A Lord-Executioner – a horrifying gheist whose image is dominated by  the macabre gallows lashed to his back, he carries a decapitating  greataxe; - 4 Grimghast Reapers – cursed, indiscriminate killers armed with  double-handed slasher scythes – their leader, the Extoller of Shyish,  carries a great bell known as the death knell; - 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers: unstoppable gheists drifting inexorably  towards their prey, each attacks with a 2-handed hunter’s glaive; - A 10-strong Chainrasp Horde: each armed with a malignant weapon –  axes, swords, and flails feature heavily here – this frightening force  is led by a Dreadwarden, who wields a 3-pronged candelabra.
Gaming Content
Tempest of Souls features a 16-page set booklet of core rules, providing the basics you need to get gaming.