Vindicare Assassin

Vindicare Assassin

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Assassins protect the future of Humanity by eliminating the few who become Tainted with treachery, Greed, the daemonic or other evils too heinous to name. Formal records of their Exploits are not available - it is not known exactly how many Worlds have been saved from Destruction by these secretive killers, but it is safe to say billions of lives are owed to their selfless actions. The Assassins work silently and without thanks. They are the Bloody-handed and secret Savior of the Imperium.

Prizing accuracy above all, Vindicare Assassins are Snipers whose abilities transcend the sea marksmanship to become an art form. Able to instantly calculate the trajectory of their shot from seemingly impossible Angles, a Vindicare Assassin can Loose off a single round, powerful and precise enough to penetrate even powerful force fields, and move on to the next target even before their bullet has found its prey .

This pack contains one multi-part Vindicare Assassin, and is supplied with one Citadel 32mm Round base.

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