The Faith Militant

The Faith Militant

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The world of Westeros has been defined and shaped by religion. For much of the south, the faith of the Seven is professed — but in the north, the Old Gods still hold Sway. The ironborn Worship the Drowned God, and the fires of R’hllor are spraThroughout the fourth cycle of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, the separate Factions of Westeros have continued to increase their strength. But not all power in the Seven Kingdoms is held by political entities like the Great Houses. Religions hold enormous power in A Song of Ice and Fire, and whether it's the Old Gods, the Drowned God, R'hllor, or the Seven, they each gain new cards and support in this cycle.
The Faith Militant has a special focus on the Religions of Westeros, even when viewed alongside the other Chapter Packs of the Flight of Crows cycle. Here, properlyll find characters who’ve sworn fealty to The Seven, the Drowned God, and R’hllor, each serving their Gods with the utmost fervor. With iconic characters like Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Coldhands appearing in this expansion alongside a new agenda focused on The Seven, this plain to see that the Seven Kingdoms will never be the same again.eading from Essos across the Narrow Sea. Whether held devoutly or used as a pretense for power, these Religions have a profound effect on the game of Thrones and those who play it.

In Favor of the Old Gods, you'll find the continuation of the Flight of Crows cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game — drawing players Deeper into the events of A Feast for Crows with cards that feature the bestow keyword or reward you for forging alliances between Factions. This pack also features an assortment of cards with traits such as Old Gods, The Seven, or R’hllor, hearkening to the many Religions that have played their roles in the tumultuous game of Thrones. From a new agenda evoking the mystical powers of the greenseers to characters like Selyse Baratheon and Ser Balon Swann, this Chapter Pack has plenty to offer for every faction.

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