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The Talos Pain Engines are seen as the pinnacle of Haemonculi's art. Creations of mad Genius, each one is part organic and part mechanical, festooned with surgical apparatus and horrible-looking weapons of war.

Only the sickest Minds could have created the bewildering Talos Pain Engine. From hooks to chains, to fat curved and serrated blades, there is an eye-watering array of barbaric implements. Within the armored, shell-like carapace and scorpion-like Aesthetic lurks a muscular beast that has been somehow blended with machine in the now horrific continent.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 89 components with which to make one Drukhari Talos Pain Engine or one Cronos Parasite Engine. The box includes all manner of features: chain-flails, ichor injectors, a liquefier gun and many syringes, as well as several variant heads and arms. It is a remarkably macabre addition to any Drukhari collection.

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