Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance

Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance

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Syll Lewdtongue has inspired thousands of Warlords to acts of Tyranny and misrule, but since Uniting their powers with the megalomaniacal Daemon Monarch Esske, the Herald of Slaanesh has become a force of Conquest like no other.

Combine the might of the Daemon Prince and the cunning of the Herald of Slaanesh, and you get Syll'Esske - a terrifying tag-team skilled at carving a Bloody path across the Battlefields of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar Alike. Capable of piling in and attacking twice, Syll'Esske is Fantastic as a front-line combatant, as well as being armed with an Arsenal of support abilities that'll Empower the Daemons they fight alongside.

This kit is supplied in 20 plastic components, and includes 1 x 50mm round base.

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