Squig Hoppers

Squig Hoppers

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Squig Hoppers bound Madly into battle, wreaking havoc on anything they collide with. Squig Hoppers are unpredictable and mobile, capable of leaping over.

terrain and Enemy units in pursuit of prey. They're great for catching fleeing foes or chasing down vulnerable units in your opponent's backline.

Squig Riders who have managed to Survive more than a single, violently short-lived battle, Boingrot Bounderz wear loon Helms and skewer their Enemies with wickedly pointed pokin 'lances.

Boingrot Bounderz are mobile and deadly front-line units. They're fast enough to get stuck into combat quickly - once there, they'll make short work of their enemies between biting squigs and stabs with their pokin 'lances.

This set builds 10 Squig Hoppers or 10 Boingrot Bounderz, and includes a huge variety of options for customization. Heads, weapons, Riders and squigs are all interchangeable, meaning that no two models need to look Alike, even in the hugest of hordes.

This kit is supplied in 140 components and contains 10 x 32mm round bases.

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