Riot Quest The Living Covenant Specialist

Riot Quest The Living Covenant Specialist

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The ancient scripture known as the Covenant of Menoth was a holy relic revered by those who worshipped the Creator of Man. In battles of old, an attendant would carry the massive tome on their back while a high priest read passages from the book, unleashing devastating miracles upon their foes.

When the world went to heck, the Covenant was nearly destroyed. Its pages were burning, and it would have been reduced to ash had it not been for the quick thinking of the attendant carrying the book on his back. That clever servant scoured the sheets in haste and found a passage forbidden to be read aloud except under the direst of circumstances.

As the passage was spoken, a miracle of soul binding occurred, and the servant was made one with the book. His spirit and vitality restored the burnt pages while also eternally tying his fate to the Covenant. Now, as the reborn Living Covenant, the holy words of Menoth are made manifest through sentient will. Loot gathered by this new entity is deposited in the coffers of old temple ruins. In time, the glory of Menoth will be restored by the Covenant's hand, and even the sad scavengers of the wastelands will learn to kneel and pray once again.


  • 1x The Living Covenant Miniature

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  • Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

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