Iron Song: A super add-on for advanced players

Iron Song: A super add-on for advanced players

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Now you can play Princess, Prince or Fiddler in the Heroes of the Storm!

You can learn to summon animals or dodge attacks with incredible skill. You can fight off the flying arrow or inspire your comrades to act as heroes.

Wizards and treasures can cast food from scratch, create magical armor, and take your friends on board!

You can get a pet to help with hunting and fighting, and keep track on cold nights.

The iron song was designed by author and game designer Mike Pohjola. The iron song has been illustrated by Ossi Kannosto, except that the character class pictures are again written by Jari Paananen. Additional illustrations have been used by Marko Laine. The folder is, as always, Tommi Kovala.

This is the first add-on for players in the Storm Heroes role-playing game. You also need the Heroes of the Storm - The Sword of the Great King game box to play.

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