Primaris Eradicators

Primaris Eradicators

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Before the molten ire of an Eradicator Squad, heavy armor and defended positions stand little chance. Eradicators wear the heavier Gravis pattern of Mk X power armor, allowing them to stride unharmed through waves of incoming fire before bringing their own destructive Weaponry to bear at close range.

Completely eradicate anything that stands against you with these destructive Warriors. Each member of the Squad can be armed with a black rifle or a heavy black rifle and one can be alternately armed with a multi-black. There is also the option to make one of the squad into a sergeant. There are 20 heads in the kit, along with a range of other various accessories.

This 122-part plastic kit makes three Eradicators and is supplied with three 40mm Citadel round bases. It is also supplied with an Ultramarines Infantry transfer sheet.

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