Piggyback Officer

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Greed is the sin that gives rise to the Piggyback, and it is the most greedy and gluttonous who emerge in their ranks to be inflicted with their fattened leaders. Festooned with medals stolen from all manner of army officers, these torpid pigs delight in riding into battle to hack through the wicked. Squealing imperiously to direct their subordinates, no outsider can comprehend their orders, yet the Piggybacks move with alacrity at his beck and call, trampling all enemies beneath their weight. Together they make a mockery of all disciplined mortal soldiers.

The Piggyback Officer provides a slew of useful abilities to your Piggyback units. Typically a fairly slow unit, the Piggyback Officer gives them access to a once-per-game ability that allows them to reposition into just the right place and then enter the resilient Shield Wall formation. The Piggyback Officer also provides the unit with Retaliatory Strike, which will punish your opponent for attacking them.


  • 1x Piggyback Officer

Please note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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