Ork Mek Gun

Ork Mek Gun

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One of four deadly Mek Gunz, this clanky field gun has enough dakka to crush even the toughest of targets. Crewed by long-suffering grots the Mek Gunz have heralded the end for many a hapless foe.

Based on lift-droppa technology, this Weapon traps is a target in a localized force field. It then hoists them aloft and, with horrible finality, crushes them like a Massive Invisible fist. Of course, the biggest hazard for those facing the Mek Gunz is that, until they start firing, no-one is really sure what they will do.

This multi-part plastic kit makes one of four possible Mek Gunz and has a six-strong Grot crew. It can be assembled as a bubblechukka, a smasha gun, a tractor canon or a Kustom mega-canon.

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