Knight Desecrator

Knight Desecrator

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Knights Desecrator possess potent mid- to close-range armaments that fly themselves toward dueling Enemy war engines or Monstrous Beasts, or tearing down the foe's fortifications. Armed with a laser destructor, it packs a considerable Punch at a considerable range.

The Knight Desecrator is a truly imposing kit in every sense of the word - it Towers over most other models on the tabletop and a choice of vicious faceplates and optional chains, pipes, spikes and horns allow you to customize your Knight, making it as Malicious as you want. They can also be armed with a choice of either Reaper chainsword or thunderstrike Gauntlet with which to Crush any foe that survives a barrage from its laser destructor.

This multipart plastic kit is supplied as 119 components and includes a Citadel 170mm Oval base and a Chaos Knight transfer sheet, which features iconography for Houses Lucaris, Herpetrax, and Khymere, as well as a huge variety of Chaos Runes and markings. It can also be assembled as a Knight Rampager.

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