Doom Scythe

Doom Scythe

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Doom Scythes are heralds of Terror, a supersonic fighter craft that range far ahead of a Necron Invasion. Thanks to the Precision of his android brain, the pilot can simulate billions of strategies in nanoseconds.

The Crescent-shaped Necron Doom Scythe is an impressive model. It’s numerous, elegant panels are covered in Necron iconography, and there are numerous orbs and grills located around the model, and a spine-like engine. As well as a Necron pilot tucked away in the center of the model, the weapons on the flyer include a twin-linked Tesla destructor and a death ray set within a claw-like vice.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 51 components, a Flying Stem, a large Oval base and a Necron transfer sheet with which to build a Doom Scythe. This kit can be used optionally to build a Night Scythe.

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