Containment Molds for Bases - Round

Containment Molds for Bases - Round

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Containment Molds

Set of Silicone Containment Molds that allow you to limit the edges of the bases of your Miniatures when pouring liquids and resins. Resin will not stick to the Silicone nor will it affect the transparency of the resins.

These molds have the standard measurements of wargame bases. During the filling with resins, to reduce any potential deformities due to the high temperatures generated, we recommend the application of the resin in thin layers. Do not move or manipulate these molds with resin inside until they have been completely hardened, since air may have trapped inside, releasing it and generating internal bubbles.

These molds are heat resistant up to 240ºC and very durable.



Height: 10mm

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