Citadel Color Painting Handle

Citadel Color Painting Handle

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First, there was the Humble Citadel Painting Handle - this simple tool was a Runaway hit, making it easy to paint your model and eat a bacon sandwich without ruining your finish. Then they got bigger, sprouted arms to aid assembly, and even turned red so you could spot special models when batch-painting. This updated Citadel Color: Painting Handle is the biggest improvement on the Revolutionary tool since its Inception. Our design team has retained everything that made the original great, while evolving the design based on a hard-won experience.

By removing much of the bulk in the spring-loaded upper clasp, it's easier than ever to reach all around - and under - your models. The grip is more ergonomic, sitting comfortably in your palm for fatigue-free Marathon painting sessions. The Redesigned shape of the base improves the balance and distribution of weight, allowing us to make it even taller while reducing Accidental knock-Downs.

The painting handle holds 25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 40mm bases.

If you love using your painting handles, you'll love these even more.

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