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A charter for Astraterra's 2nd facility, containing all the rules needed for gaming and character creation.

The Astraterra role-playing game takes you on a great adventure into a world where islands floating in an infinite blue sky, ancient far-reaching gates and widget-driven widgets are commonplace for explorers. On your expeditions and missions, you will encounter a wide variety of dangers and challenges, as well as the most bizarre creatures. If all goes well, in addition to your tremendous experience, you will bring in valuable precious silver and ether as well as amazing technical treasures from your travels.

Astraterra's 2nd Department Explorer's Guide contains the necessary instructions for creating and equipping your own explorer character, as well as rules for playing steam fantasy adventures in the wonderful world of Astraterra.

The Discovery Guide includes:

  • An introduction to the world of Astraterra
  • 7 playable species
  • 7 different roles
  • Rules for character creation and development
  • Game rules and rules for battle and action scenes
  • Instructions for exploring and traveling
  • Equipment, weapons, and armor
  • Pets and pet supplies
  • Astraterra information on the most common animals and creatures in the world

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